What do the symbols mean on a journey page?

This article shows what the various statuses and symbols mean on the journey page

ID = Journey Number

Created = Time it was booked

Driver = Name Of Driver

Fleet = Fleet Name

Customer = Name Of Client

Estimate = Estimated Charge For Journey

Update = When There Was An Update From The Journey - Booked, Travelling, Completed

Journey - Status of Journey

Charged - Final Fare

Customer Name - There are 2 eye symbols

The one below means they haven't looked at the text sent to them at the moment

The one below means they have seen the text message and if you hover over the eye it will tell you what time they looked at the message

Estimate - There are 2 card symbols & a Padlock

Light grey card means they haven't paid with Airpay

Dark grey means they have paid using Airpay

Dark grey with Padlock means they have paid a fixed price journey using Airpay

Journey - There are 4 different meanings to the colours

Solid Green to the end - Completed Airpay journey


Moving green in various stages - Travelling Airpay journey

Moving blue in various stages - Travelling journey - Seen text but not currently paid via Airpay

Moving grey in various stages - Travelling journey - not seen text not paid via Airpay

Charged - Final fare

Blank means they haven't paid via Airpay

Grey tick green circle means the journey was more than the estimated fare

Green tick means the journey was less than the estimated fare

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