New Smartauth option: inform driver when Smart-auth fails

This article explains how the new Smart Auth feature for failed payments works, and how to implement this feature.

Smart Auth happens when the final fare is higher than the estimate that was authorised on the customers card. When this happens Airpay increases the authorisation before it captures the final amount.

Very occasionally a customer may not have enough funds for the higher amount, which means the capture fails. This new Smart Auth feature will send your driver a message informing them that this payment has failed.

When this happens you have two options:

  1. Ask your drivers to take cash when a Smart Auth payment fails, and to also contact base and let them know they have taken cash for the journey. In Airpay you should locate the journey and cancel the authorisation on the card. This will update the journey in iCabbi to Cash, and return the authorised funds to the customers card.
  2. If your driver didn't notice the message, or didn't take cash for the journey, you can still capture the original lower authorisation on the card, or wait a few days for the customer to have the extra funds and attempt to capture the higher amount. The journey will remain in iCabbi as an Airpay journey.

This feature does not affect messages for other types of Airpay payments, and the driver does not need to wait long for this new Smart Auth message. To enable this feature on your fleet, change this toggle on your fleet settings to ON:

Their is a toggle to automatically cancel the Smart Auth, when this is on and a Smart Auth fails it will automatically cancel the AirPay pre auth and the driver will have to take payment via another means

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