How to refund a payment in Airpay

This article explains how to refund a payment in Airpay.

This article explains how to refund a payment in Airpay. You can choose to make a full or partial refund. Refunds cannot be reversed, so please ensure you have the correct journey before initiating a refund.

You can only refund a payment that is complete and the funds have been captured. If the payment is still pending you will need to complete the journey and cancel the authorisation instead of processing a refund, which will return the authorised funds to the customers card.

To refund a payment, first find your journey in airpay by searching the journey list for the iCabbi booking ID. Then open the journey on airpay.

Your payment should show as completed to be able to refund, as follows:

Under the payment details you will find the Refund Journey button:

If this button does not display, please check the payment is completed and that you have permission to make refunds.

Pressing the Refund Journey button will bring up the options for a full or partial refund:

Press the Confirm Refund button and the refund will be processed, this can take a few days to show as refunded on the customers account.

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