How to recapture a payment that has failed Smart Auth

Recaptures explained

Airpay includes a Smart Auth feature where the authorisation on the customers card can be increased if the final fare is higher than the estimate.

Note that if you choose to enable the option "Notify driver on failed Smart Auth" then these payments will show as failed to the driver at the end of the journey, and the driver can request the customer pays in cash. This means fewer payments that need recapturing.

To do this Airpay attempts to increase the authorisation to the new higher amount. Occasionally this can fail, as the customer does not have sufficient funds for the increase.

When this happens the original authorisation will remain pending on the customers card. There are three options available when this happens:

  1. Take cash for the journey and cancel the authorisation on the customers card.
  2. Attempt to recapture the higher amount at a later date, when the customer may have the funds available.
  3. Capture the lower amount from the original authorisation and recover the oustanding funds from the customer another way.

Airpay will attempt to recapture these failed Smart Auth payments for you, or you can action these payments yourself.

The process is as follows:

  1. Using your iCabbi booking ID, find your journey in the journeys list.
  2. If the payment has failed Smart Auth uplift it will have this payment status:
  1. The original estimate and the final fare can be seen on the journey details above, in this example the final fare was £7.20, which is higher than the original £6.25 estimate, the strikethrough on the captured row indicates that the Smart Auth capture failed:
  1. To attempt to capture these payments again press the Recapture Payment button:
  1. This will load the recapture options:
  1. The recapture form will already loaded for you with the final fare, minus the service charge fees. You can change this figure if you would like to capture the original lower authorisation instead.

Please note that the recapture may take a few minutes to process, and can fail if the customer still does not have the funds available.

Still require assistance? Email our support team.