How to search for a customer journey

Various ways of search for a customer journey

There are various ways of searching for a customer

Telephone Number

If you go to the symbol above you can search for a clients journeys using their telephone number - You need to prefix it with +44 (including the plus symbol) then take the 1st zero off their mobile number

To search 01234 567891 you would enter it as +441234567891 and that would bring up all the journeys for that customers number.

Journey Number

If you know the journey number you can enter it under this symbol and that will bring you the journey requested

If they don't know the journey number they can follow the link input their telephone number and that will bring up all the details for them including trip # which you can then input to find the details.

Here you can click on various tabs, but the two we are interested in are ID & Customer

If you click on the ID it will bring you details for that particular journey

If you click on Customer it will bring up 2 tabs. Details of the customer and Journeys of the customer

If you click on the tab Journeys it will bring all the journeys this customer has taken

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