How to Complete a Journey in Airpay

This article explains why your journeys may not complete, and how to complete a journey manually in Airpay if you need to.

Airpay receives webhooks from iCabbi when a journey is completed. If this webhook is not sent correctly for any reason, your journey in Airpay will remain in the TRAVELLING status. Airpay will not know what the final fare of the journey was on completion, which means we are unable to capture payment.

If you know a journey has completed, the customer authorised their card for payment, and this journey is still in the Travelling status, you can complete this journey in Airpay manually. When you complete the journey you can choose to cancel the transaction, or capture it.

First find your journey in Airpay and view the journey details.

The journey will have the status of 'Travelling' and the payment status of 'Pending":

The payment status below this will be authorised:

Below the payment details you will see the Complete Journey button, pressing this button will bring up the following options:

To capture the transaction, enter the final journey fare into the field (do not include any airpay or fleet fees, this should be the amount on the drivers meter), and press save. Airpay will complete the journey and attempt to capture the final fare plus fees.

If you wish to cancel the transaction, choose the second radio button and press save. Please note that once you have done this you cannot go back and capture any funds.

This feature is only available for Fleet Admin users, if you cannot see the Complete Journey button this could be because you do not have this permission level, or the journey is not in the Travelling status.

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