Onboarding Guide

A step-by-step guide for setting up your fleet

Once your Airpay account has been set up, log in to the management portal and follow the steps below:

After Login, select the fleet icon from the Navigation bar; your fleet will be listed here for you to update.

To set up your account, select ‘Merchant Account’ then ‘Add Account Merchant’

Here you can add your company details and Save

This will trigger the creation of your merchant account which may take a few minutes.

Check back after a few minutes - you may need to refresh your page. You should then see the following screen, select ‘Go to Onboarding Page’ 

You will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • Company Document showing Legal Business Name, Address of Business & Company Number
  • Bank Statement In the Company’s Name
  • Owner ID -  either Passport, Driving License (front and back) or Government issued ID


You will need to input the Registered Business Address, Business Name, Number & Contact Details. You will then need to upload the Company Document Showing Legal Business name, Address & Company Number


You will need to input the bank details and upload a statement in the business name. The bank statement should clearly show the Bank Logo, The Account Number & Name

(Note: It is better to Input the bank details using Sort Code & account Number rather than IBAN due to how some banks handle virtual accounts and IBAN’s)

UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner)

You will need to provide ID of the identity of the individuals of the business who own more than 25% or more of the company. If no individual owns 25% or more you must provide the identity of the individual who owns the signing authority. Acceptable forms of identification are Passport, Driving License (front and back) and Government issued ID

After all the details have been input it may take a few hours for the details to be verified and ready to use. Once all details have been uploaded and approved you should see four green ticks in the fleets list.

Still require assistance? Email our support team.